On June 23, the Sound Transit Board approved an ST3 Plan for a November ballot measure, which is reflected in the interactive map below. Documentation of the entire ST3 Plan is available in the document library.

Click the lines and circles on this interactive map to learn more about the projects included in the ST3 Plan.

ST3 Projects
Light Rail KeyLink Light Rail
BRT KeyBus Rapid Transit
Sounder KeySounder Rail
Shoulder Bus KeyProposed shoulder-running buses / speed and reliability improvements
Environmental Study KeyEnvironmental Study
Future Investment Study KeyFuture investment study
Current and Planned Service
Light Rail KeyLink Light Rail
Sounder KeySounder
ST Express Bus KeyST Express Bus
Station Area KeyNew Station
Station Access KeyNew station / added parking
Parking Only KeyImproved station
Transfer KeyMajor Rail Transfer
ST3 Interactive Map The 16.3-mile, 6-station representative alignment for the light rail extension begins at the Lynnwood Transit Center station, the terminus of the Lynnwood Link Extension. The first part of the alignment runs elevated along Alderwood Mall Boulevard, crossing to an elevated station in the vicinity of West Alderwood Mall, then runs north generally adjacent to and parallel to I-5, crossing over the SR 525/I-405 interchange and staying elevated to reach an elevated station at the Ash Way park-and-ride. The alignment continues with a mix of at-grade and elevated profiles north along I-5 to an elevated light rail station near the Mariner park-and-ride. From there, it continues west elevated along 128th Street SW and Airport Road and turns east at SR 526 to an elevated station serving the Southwest Everett Industrial Center. It then crosses over SR 526 on an elevated structure, descends to mostly at-grade and retained fill along SR 526 with an at-grade station in the vicinity of SR 526/Evergreen Way. As the alignment continues east along SR 526 and then turns north along I-5, it becomes mostly at-grade with retained cut and fill sections, then is elevated to reach an elevated station in the Everett Station area. The station at the Mariner park-and-ride has a 550-stall parking structure and a new bus/rail transit interface facility, and the Everett Station has a new 1,000-space parking structure; both of these structures may replace areas currently used for surface parking, displacing up to 600 surface parking spaces. A provisional station at SR 99/Airport is not included in the estimated project cost, nor is it included in travel time estimates, ridership forecasts or other measures of project performance. 2016_0627_ST3_FinalPlan_map_v4b L ynnwood Shoreline Bothell Woodinville Redmond Kirkland Is s a q u ah SEA TTLE BELLEVUE Sumner Lakewood DuPont Burien Rent on Kent Fife Auburn Puyallup Orting T A C OMA Federal Way EVERETT Bonney Lake Mariner Canyon Park Brickyard Totem Lake N.E. 85th N.E. 44th South Kirkland South Renton UW Bothell West Alderwood Mall Ash Way Ballard Interbay Smith Cove Ballard West Seattle TacomaDome Sea-Tac Airport Mercer Island Southeast Redmond Downtown Redmond Bellevue Richards Road North Sammamish Eastgate Central Issaquah Lakemont(provisional) Seattle Center Denny South Lake Union Alaska Junction Burien Transit Center SODO Avalon Des Moines S. 272nd Tukwila Federal Way Transit Center SouthFederal Way Tillicum DuPont East Tacoma Fife UW Northgate Lynnwood Transit Center N.E. 145th International District/Chinatown Midtown Stadium S. Graham St. S. Boeing Access Rd. Westlake TacomaCommunity College Pearl Stevens Union Sprague Hilltop 10 stations, serving: Lake Forest Park Town Center Kenmore Bothell Delridge Everett College Mukilteo Edmonds SW Everett Industrial Center SR 99/ Airport Road (provisional) SR 526/Evergreen N.E. 130th South Tacoma Tukwila International Boulevard Everett Station


  • Light RailLight Rail
  • Commuter RailCommuter Rail
  • BusBus

Light Rail Projects

Commuter Rail Projects

Bus Rapid Transit & Bus Projects

Other Projects


Projects Scheduled Completion
ST3 Plan: Early ST3 Deliverables
Early Deliverables to improve bus speed and reliability:
  • Bus on Shoulder Opportunities: I-5, I-405, SR 518, SR 167, I-90
  • Capital improvements for RapidRide C and D Routes, Madison St. BRT
  • Bus capital Improvements for Pacific Ave. (Tacoma)
  • Bus capital improvements in East Pierce County
Early Deliverables to improve system access:
  • Parking on SR 522 in Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, and Bothell
  • I-405: Parking at Kingsgate and new transit center in South Renton with parking; new stations at NE 85th in Kirkland, NE 44th in Renton
  • Parking for Sounder North at Edmonds and Mukilteo
  • Park & Ride in north Sammamish
ST3 Plan: ST Express
Approximately 600K annual ST Express hours to continue providing interim express bus service in future HCT corridors Ongoing
ST3 Plan: Bus Rapid Transit
I-405 and SR 518 BRT: Lynnwood to Burien 2024
SR 522 & NE 145th Street BRT: UW Bothell to NE 145th Light Rail Station
Includes service from Woodinville
ST3 Plan: Link Light Rail
Redmond Technology Center to Downtown Redmond 2024
Kent/Des Moines to Federal Way 2024
Federal Way to Tacoma Dome 2030
West Seattle to Downtown Seattle 2030
Ballard to Downtown Seattle LRT (with new downtown rail tunnel) 2035
Lynnwood to Everett via Southwest Everett Industrial Center 2036
Tacoma Link Extension to Tacoma Community College 2039
South Kirkland to Issaquah 2041
Infill Light Rail Station: South Graham Street 2031
Infill Light Rail Station: South Boeing Access Road 2031
Infill Light Rail Station: NE 130th Street 2031
ST3 Plan: Sounder Commuter Rail
Lakewood to DuPont Sounder 2036
South Sounder Capital Improvements Program:
Program to fund capital items as such as track platform extensions to accommodate trains up to 10 cars in length, track and signal upgrades, and other related infrastructure to facilitate additional capacity.


Board considerations graphic


The Sound Transit Board of Directors is made up of 17 elected officials from throughout the Puget Sound region, plus the Secretary of the Washington State Department of Transportation.

After considering feedback from the public and key stakeholders, in addition to the findings of technical analysis about each ST3 Candidate Project, the Board released the ST3 Draft Plan for public input on March 24, 2016. After amending the plan, on June 23, the Board approved a final ST3 Plan for a public vote in November.


In summer 2015 the Washington State Legislature and Governor granted Sound Transit authority to ask regional voters to approve new local revenue sources that within 15 years can generate up to $15 billion in funding for mass transit expansions. The Sound Transit Board will determine how much of the funding authority to propose and the duration of an investment plan as it shapes a Sound Transit 3 (ST3) ballot measure for a vote in November 2016. On December 4, 2015, the Board learned of potential financing options for an ST3 ballot measure. New local tax revenues will be combined with revenues from bonds, federal grants, existing taxes, fares and other sources to pay for ST3. Learn more about funding.